Ebola Prevention Note #4

Ebola Prevention Note #4

US hospitals ARE NOT ready to handle an Ebola outbreak. They lack training, equipment and isolation rooms. Nation Wide, the USA is NOT ready for a pandemic. There’s a suspicion about a news blackout. Ebola did not just disappear. The news media is being forced to stay silent, but that can’t last!

Your least safe place is in a densely populated location. Your best place is FAR from other people. Out on a farm is ideal. On a mountainside, in the woods, alone by a lake, on a beach Island like Fire Island, NY or Virginia Beach in winter when in both places almost no one dwells and cold wind sweeps across the land from the sea : These are ideal places to hide out. If you’re a yacht sailor, be prepared to get a mile or two off shore at any moment. If you’re a sailor, you know what to do. If you’re a boat owner and do not know what to do, you’re not sailor qualified enough to go off shore. In that case, know an alone shore location where you can anchor off the shore, beach or river side and avoid all people until reports are the crisis has ended.  But, what I fear is you might go back into the community and find dead bodies everywhere and virulent viruses still able to make you sick. So, it’s best to be ready to avoid people for at least 3-months. In that case, cloister yourself at home if you can’t do anything else. Stock up on food and be prepared to store water. I discuss this much further in my materials at http://www.bodyworker-newsletter.com/ebola.html


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